What Happens When a Wealthy Spouse Purports to be a Pauper Post- Separation?

Piggy bank with coins spilling around representing a wealthy spouse's attempt to hide assets at time of separation

Family Court Judge Decries Egregious Abuse of Family Court System

a young girl horse jumping

What Is Interim Spousal Support And Am I Entitled To It?

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Does Adultery Permit a Spouse to Seek a Larger Equalization Payment?

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The Paramount Principle: Best Interests of the Child

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Can Courts Strike a Party’s Pleadings When Parenting Issues Are in Dispute?

a dad and son walking on a hiking trail

Can Support Arrears be Cancelled if the Payor’s Health Impairs Their Employment?

a woman pulling a card out from wallet

Independent Legal Advice Helps Ensure a Fair Bargaining Process

a white man and a white woman sitting down at a table

Court Refuses to Award Costs Following Husband’s Deliberate Disregard of Court Orders

Deference in Spousal Support Decisions

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Parenting Time and Decision-Making Responsibility in Ontario

parents sitting with toddler viewing a screen

Navigating Financial Disclosure Requests in Family Law Proceedings

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How Should Survivor Benefits Be Treated In Equalization?

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Taking Children Outside of Canada Post-Separation

happy girl with suitcase and passport

Enforcement of Family Support Orders in Ontario

woman between two children

Ontario Implements Treaty for Enforcement of International Support Orders

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Appeal Allowed for Insufficient Evidence on Child’s Habitual Residence

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Commencing a Case in Family Law

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When Can a Court Order Authorize a Review of Parenting Terms?

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Support Payments Can be Enforced Through Garnishment

a person holding childs arms in snow

Court of Appeal Allows Garnishment of Husband’s Debtors

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Economic Pressures May Justify Transitional Child Support for Young Adults

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Retirement for Medical Reasons Might Not Reduce a Spousal Support Obligation

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Can a Payor’s Bankruptcy Affect the Support I Collect?


Husband Argues Quebec Marriage Contract Prevents Equalization in Ontario

Close-up of Heart Shape

Father Asks Court to Find Mother in Contempt Following Failed Parenting Time Attempts

two kids playing

Wife is Entitled to Half of Family Business


Father’s Conduct at Trial Leads to Costs Award of Over $50,000

mother and daughter

Court of Appeal Says a Holistic Approach to Support and Asset Division Must be Considered

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Ontario Court of Appeal Overturns Decision Introducing New Tort of Family Violence

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Both Parties to a Separation Agreement Fail to Meet its Obligations

women leaving the house

How Do Courts Determine “Significant” Non-Disclosure in a Separation Agreement?

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Working For Your Family Can Raise Suspicion of Under Reporting Income

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Is an Inheritance Received During Marriage Shared in a Divorce?

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How Can a Certificate of Pending Litigation Impair a Spouse’s Property

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Can My Stock Options Impact the Amount of a Support Award?

Graph display representing the value of stock options that could impact spousal support

Impact of Family Violence on Parenting Orders

Wooden blocks falling representing parenting orders in the context of family violence

When can a support payor’s lifestyle lead the court to impute additional income?

POS with receipts representing imputation of income for support purposes

Jointly Owned Property After Separation

property for sale | house

The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts’ Parenting Plan Guide and Template: What is it?

broken heart puzzle representing parenting plans post separation

What is the Office of the Children’s Lawyer?


When Will The Court Award Costs In Family Law Litigation?


Court Orders Husband To Pay $125,000 In Advance Costs And Equalization

Ring on hand

Do Biological Parents Have Priority When Determining Parenting and Decision Making?

parents and child

Can You Enforce an Offer to Settle That Does Not Meet the Formal Requirements?

white and gray brick photo with crack in cement

Property Division After a Short-Term Marriage

rectangular white and grey house number

When Will A Spouse Share In Post-Separation Increases In The Payor’s Income?


What Happens to Cryptocurrency at Separation?


If You Want to Exclude an Asset from Equalization, Be Careful Using Joint Accounts


When is a Child Ready for Overnight Parenting Time?

child sleeping

Setting Your Separation Agreement Aside For Misrepresentation? Your Knowledge Of The Disclosure Matters


Can an Ontario Court Make a Support Order When there is a Valid Order in a Foreign Jurisdiction?

Father son hand

Have You Agreed to Family Law Arbitration? Make Sure Your Agreement is Enforceable

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Can an Unmarried Party Obtain Exclusive Possession of the Family Home if They Are Not on Title?


Managing Your Pension Through Divorce and Equalization


Setting Aside Spousal Support Waivers in Domestic Contracts


The Dangers of Discussing Your Family Law Case on Social Media

social media icons on phone

Can Payment of Support Obligations Take Priority Over Other Creditors?

opened blue cabinet

How Can I Avoid Contempt When my Child Refuses Court Ordered Contact with a Parent?

Mom and child

Claiming Spousal Support in Ontario After a Foreign Divorce


Who Keeps the Family Pet After a Breakup?

Pet and owner

When Parents are Unable to Cooperate, Should an Order be Varied or Enforced?

Parents holding hand of child

The Impact of Retirement on Spousal Support Obligations

Old couple sitting on bench

Father’s Lack Of Participation In Proceedings Leads To Uncontested Trial

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Former Spouse Seeks To Sell Matrimonial Home Years After Separation

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Court Determines Whether Father’s Parenting Time Should Be Expanded

child and parent hands

Mother Says She Has Overpaid Extraordinary Expenses

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Can An Arbitration Agreement Be Enforced Despite Lacking Certain Requirements?

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Court Denies Extensive Disclosure Request Despite Default on Support Payments

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If A Parent Has Multiple Forms Of Arrears, Which Debt Is A Lump Sum Payment Applied To?

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Time Delays Impact Attempt By Father To Bring Child Home After Being Unlawfully Moved

a child in an airport looking out the windo

Mother Seeks Interim Approval to Relocate with Children

mom driving car

Father’s Online Behaviour Impacts Parenting Responsibilities

person using a laptop

Can Complaints Against a Doctor Negate Their Expert Evidence or be Introduced as Evidence Itself?

bonding with boy children

What Happens When Parents Can’t Agree On A Daycare?

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Failure to Read Email Not Enough to Overturn Judgment

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Selling the Matrimonial Home After Separation

a couple walking towards new home

Biological Ties Hold No Weight in Best Interests of the Child

set of glass tubes in lab

Introducing New Evidence When Appealing Family Law Decisions

Woman packing boxes

Parenting Time Orders Vs Child’s Wishes – Are Parents Obligated to Enforce Them?

Smart Phone

Can Two Child Support Orders Exist in Two Different Countries?

Helsinki, Finland

Documentation is Critical When Attempting to Change Spousal Support


Can a Non-Valid Marriage That Took Place Outside of Canada be Validated by Canadian Law?

A couple linking fingers

Father’s Conduct Contributes to Failure to Succeed in Motion to Have Children Vaccinated

COVID-19 Vaccine

Husband Asks Court to Impute Income on Former Wife

A wallet with cash

Father’s Refusal to get Vaccinated Leads to Loss of Access to Children

A docotor vaccinationg against COVID-19

Determining Whether a Pair was a Couple

Couple riding bikes together

A New Job Does Not Mean a Parent Can Make a Child Move

Moving boxes

Mother Makes Case for Court to Drop Default Order

A woman watching the sun rise.

Parties Each Claim Entitlement to Down Payment of Home Following Separation

A family home.

Stepfather Denies Acting as Parent to Children

Father and son flying a kite

Despite Breaching Order, Court Does Not Hold Mother in Contempt

Mother holding her son on a beach

Decision Highlights How Parenting Time Can be Taken Away

Young child looking out a window

COVID-19 Variants Impact Travel Requests by Divorced Parents


Court Keeps Father’s Assets and Home Frozen Following Failure to Meet Financial Disclosure

Mother Claims Father Is Hiding Money In Failure To Meet Child Support Obligations

child hiding

Common-Law Spouse Challenges Order To Pay Spousal Support


The Risks of Making Unilateral Child Access Decisions

Father and child on the beach

Parents told to pursue resolution outside of the courts

school books

Father Relies on Hague Convention to Try to Force Relocation of Child

Parent holding an infant

Husband’s Estate Looks to Collect Pension from Ex-Wife

man sitting on bench

Parents Go to Court Over Vaccination of Children

Decision Making

Conduct During a Trial Can Impact Decisions on Costs

Conduct impacts costs awarded

Husband Asks Court To Set Aside Marriage Contract

matrimonial home

Mother Receives Eight Years Of Child Support Totaling $500,000

Father forced to pay 8 years of child support

Even When A Parent Is In Contempt, Courts Can Exercise Discretion

Parents Go To Court Over Whether Their Child Should Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Husband Says Offer On Home Is Fraudulent

Husband’s Request For Summary Judgment Is Challenged By Wife

Can A Low Income Prevent Child Support Obligations?

Husband Misrepresents Value of Company, Leading To Separation Agreement Being Overturned

High Conflict Divorce Leads To More Litigation Than Necessary

How Re-Partnering Can Impact Spousal Support

Temporary spousal support

Retirement Does Not Always End Spousal Support

A Reminder Of The Importance Of Participating In Trials

Changes To Family Law Make Their Way Into Court Decisions

Does A Cohabitation Agreement Remain In Place After a Separation and Reconciliation?

What Happens When Shared Decision Making Leads To An Impasse?

Wife’s Actions At Trial Lead To Huge Costs Award

Rules Must Be Followed To Allow Text Messages To Be Entered As Evidence

Supreme Court Issues Ruling on Reducing Child Support Arrears

Wife Appeals What She Claims Is An Unfair Division Of Property

Separated Parties Can’t Agree On Details Of Signed Separation Agreement

Two Men Claim To Be Child’s Father

Lack of Communication Does Not Release A Parent From Support Obligations

Mother Tells Court Father Is Hiding Income From Rental Properties

Court Is Asked Whether Child Support Continues During A “Gap Year”

British Columbia Decision Allows Three People In Polyamorous Relationship To Be A Child’s Parent

Court Refuses To Allow new Evidence After Hearing On Spousal Support

Father’s Disbelief In COVID-19 Leads To Loss Of Access

Father Retroactively Requests Section 7 Expenses

Update On Case About Parental Alienation

A Tale of Three Schools

Changes To Divorce Act Focus On Best Interests Of Children

Not Every Change In Income Will Result In Child Support Adjustments

Court Addresses Parental Alienation

Husband Criticized For Trying To Separate Issues In Divorce

How Can COVID Benefit Your Separation or Divorce?

An online videoconference

Spouse Wins Compensatory Support After Moving Across the Country for Marriage

I’m Being Sued in Family Court & My Spouse is Lying. What Do I Do? Pt. 2

Crumpled pages of a notepad representing a spouse writing detailed notes about each allegation in a statement of claim in family court

Parents Can’t Agree On Whether Email From Arbitrator Constitutes A Binding Decision

I’m Being Sued in Family Court & My Spouse is Lying. What Do I Do? Pt. 1

Crumpled pages of a notepad representing a spouse writing detailed notes about each allegation in a statement of claim in family court

Mother Wants To Keep Children In Newfoundland During COVID-19

After Failing To Cooperate, One Parent Says Other Parent Lied To The Court

Allegations Of Parental Alienation Follow After One Parent Moves To Florida

Wealthy Parties Revisit Spousal Support Order

Father’s Failure To Pay Child Support Lands Him In Prison

Father’s Job Impacts How He Can Have Access To Children During COVID-19

Failure To Follow Court Orders Has Very Real Cost

Criminal Conviction Prevents Would-Be Parents From Adopting

Lack of Detail About Property Ownership Sends Spousal Support Trial Back For Round Two

Father Claims Difficulty In Support Obligations For Two Relationships and Sets of Children

Parents Told To Work Together To Improve Father’s Relationship With Child

Father’s Failure To Abide By Court Order Leads To Financial Penalty

Parents Disagree About Social Circles During COVID-19

Parent Wants Separation Agreement Invalidated

A child's wheelchair representing parents ensuring care for a disabled child after divorce

Parents Can’t Agree On Whether Secular Or Religious School Is Best

Parents Can’t Agree Over Whether School Is Safe

Father Challenges Mother’s Request For Ongoing Child Support Due To Mental Illness

Supreme Court Clarifies Position On Retroactive Child Support

Mother Looks To Move To Newfoundland With Children In Order To Earn Permanent Residency

Parents Disagree On Vaccinations: Who Gets To Decide?

Should A Child Be Able To Travel Overseas To See A Parent During COVID-19?

Father Claims COVID-19 Has Left Him Unable To Pay Support

Competing Parties In Line For Proceeds From Home Sale

Stepfather Looks for Access To Child

Considerations To Take Into Account When One Parent Wants To Move

Maintaining Parenting Schedule Key In Determining Which School Child Will Attend

Temporary spousal support

Mother Appeals Decision To Send Children Home To Kuwait

Family Responsibility Office- kids feet on bed with parent

Court Determines Whether Parenting Agreement Can Hold Up Against Scrutiny

Start Of School Year Causes Dispute Over Where Child Will Go To School


Court Weighs Risks When Determining If Child Can Return Home

The Best Interests Of The Children Are Critical To A Decision By One Parent To Move


Parental Behaviour and COVID-19 Results In Temporary Loss Of Access

Children Ordered To Return To Kuwait After Being Unlawfully Removed

Court Looks At Whether Support Issue Is Urgent

Husband Wants To Purchase Share Of Home Without It Going To Market

Mother Regains Possession of Matrimonial Home Following Allegations Of Abuse

Child and Spousal Support Variation Due to COVID-19

Mother’s Concerns About COVID-19 Cause Her To Hold Back Access

Reversing Possession Of Matrimonial Home During COVID-19

Parent Challenged Over Move To Cottage During COVID-19

Court Does Not Allow Unilateral Changing Of Custody Arrangements During COVID-19

Father Refuses To Return Children To Mother Because She Works In A Hospital

But He Said He Would Never Touch My Pension!

A closeup of a woman crying representing someone upset over a miscommunication in a divorce settlement

Behaviour During COVID-19 Ends With Access Restrictions For Father

Insight Into How Courts Are Dealing With Urgent Matters During COVID-19

COVID-19 Relief Information

Ontario Courts And COVID-19

Court Rejects Proposed Settlement From Parents

Surprise Divorce Leads To Challenge Collecting Support

An Expensive Lesson In Online Behaviour

Boyfriend Wants Engagement Ring Returned When Marriage Fails To Materialize

Lengthy Trial Leads To Costs Issues

Parents Each Say The Other Wrongfully Removed Their Child From Canada And France

Court Of Appeal Weighs In On Amicus Curiae

Decision Outlines What Is Needed To Set Aside Marriage Contract

Separation Ends In Pursuit Of Civil Damages

Retiring To Avoid Spousal Support Doesn’t Work For Ex-Husband

Court Looks At When To Order A Second S.30 Assessment

Unnecessary Litigation Leads To No Winners

Wealthy Family Goes To Supreme Court To Determine Where They Should Be Divorced

Can A Stepparent Keep Access To A Child Following A Separation?

Court of Appeal Overturns Application Judge’s Decision On Child Support

Husband Accidentally Sends Email To Wife’s Lawyer Admitting To Defying Court Order

Husband Sues Wife’s Lover Following Discovery Of Affair

Wife Seeks Pre-Judgment Interest In Divorce

Man Sues Former Partner For Breaking Up With Him

Court Looks At How Loans From Parents Should Be Treated During Divorce

Should A Parent Have To Pay Child Support While Children Get PhDs?

A Cautionary Tale About The Importance Of Preparing For Settlement Conferences

Father’s Credibility Questioned After Refusing To Disclose Income

How Long Do You Have To Contest A Marriage Contract?

Separation Agreements Must Be More Than An Email

Father Learns Expensive Lesson In Skipping Out On Child Support

The Unique Challenges Of High Asset Divorces

Court Applies Hybrid Approach In Determining Where Children Should Live

Access Issue Turns Into Contempt Issue

How To Determine Costs When Resolution Is Reached Before A Trial Concludes

Husband’s Failure To Comply With Separation Agreement Causes Dispute With Estate

Attempt To Vary Support Payments Backfires On Former Spouse

Cell Phone Recordings Show Poor Communication Between Parents In Custody Dispute

Stiff Financial Penalty For Party’s Refusal To Disclose

Alienation Leads To Parent Losing Custody

Court Grapples With Difficulties In Cryptocurrency

Court Asked To Terminate Spousal Support Requirements

Father’s Arrest Sparks Request For Publication Ban And Sealing Order

How Formal Must An Agreement To Arbitrate Be In Order To Enforce?

Court Asked To Determine Who Owns A Frozen Embryo Following A Divorce

microscope looking at slide

Husband’s Behaviour Leads To Large Lump Sump Support Payments

Can A Couple Become Spouses If They Don’t Ever Live Together?

Parents Urged To Learn TO Communicate Or Risk Custody

Court Considers Whether It Has Jurisdiction Over Child Living In Japan

Spousal Support: A Tale Of Two Motions

The Importance Of Coming To Court With Complete And Relevant Information

Court Decision Highlights The Importance Of Early Action If A Parent Is Unable To Make Support Payments

California Woman Receives $150,000 In Unpaid Child Support

Former Spouses Can’t Agree On Value Of Business And Home

Have Passport, Don’t Want To Be Married: Court Asked To Rule On Validity Of Foreign Divorce

Court Affirms Authority Of Parenting Coordinator

How To Plan Your Vacation After A Separation Or Divorce

Court Addresses Whether Hidden Assets Constitute Are Significant Enough To Alter Separation Agreement

Court Is Asked To Determine Whether 22-Year-Old College Student Can Receive Child Support

Court Considers Non-Urgent Sale Of Family Home

Spouse Tries To Establish Joint Family Venture After Supporting Athlete Partner

Allegations Of Mental Abuse During Divorce

Family Seeks Court’s Help In Navigating A Slew Of Issues

Dispute Over Who Gets To Determine Whether A Teenager Can Change Genders

Court Is Critical Of Self-Represented Party After 17 Year Divorce

Couple Returns To Court 15 Years After Divorce

The Family Responsibility Office: What Role Does It Play in Family Law Disputes?

Family Responsibility Office- kids feet on bed with parent

Separated Couple Can’t Agree On How To Satisfy Equalization Payments

Mother Seeks To Frame Criminal Defense Expenses Paid To Daughter As Section 7 Expenses

Court Asked To Award Husband With $350,000 To Fund Divorce Litigation

Considering the “Significance” of Non-Disclosure When Negotiating a Separation Agreement

Case Conferences in Family Law: The Nuts and Bolts

Case conferences

Judge Is Critical Of Family’s Financial Practices In High Asset Divorce

Court Underscores Importance Of Communication Between Parents

Court Asked To Award Temporary Spousal Support Of Close To $28,000 Per Month

Supreme Court Weighs In On Defining “Habitual Residence”

Can A Spouse Be Held in Contempt for Failing to Follow an Impossible Court Order?


Ontario Judge Notes that Ex-Husband’s Motion was a “Waste of Time” Due to Procedural Irregularities

Procedural irregularities

Court Clarifies Purpose of Temporary Spousal Support

Temporary spousal support

Ex-Wife Receives More than $750 Million in Largest Divorce Settlement in the U.K

Divorce settlement

Judge Says Parents Involved in Dispute Over Choice of School for Their Children Both “Behaved Unreasonably”

Choice of school

Ex-Wife’s Attempt to Stop Sale of Matrimonial Home Dismissed

Matrimonial home

Former Common Law Couple’s Dispute Over Lottery Winnings Continues


Divorcing Couple Running Illegal Marijuana Business Ordered to Divide Assets


B.C. Woman Says she is “Trapped” in Her Marriage After Iranian Court Refuses to Grant her a Divorce

Foreign divorce

69-Year-Old Ex-Wife Declared a Vexatious Litigant After “Harassing” 77-Year Old Ex-Husband

Vexatious litigant

Father Files Human Rights Complaint for Unpaid Child Support

Human rights complaint

Crown Urges for Canadian Polygamist Leader to be Convicted for Transporting 15-Year Old Girl to the U.S. for Marriage


What Access Rights Does a Step-Parent Retain After Separation Where Both Biological Parents Refuse Contact with the Child?


Multi-Billion Dollar Divorce Battles Wages on with “Punitive” Real Estate Purchases


Email Fail: Message Inadvertently Sent to Opposing Counsel Convinces Court to Strike Out a Husband’s Pleadings


Ontario Court of Appeal Confirms Father Can Only See Children at Their Discretion


Quebec Court of Appeal Upholds Ruling Favouring Dad Over Biological Father


Can a Court Order That a Child Attend a Particular School?


Court of Appeal Overturns Spousal Support “Holiday” Granted to Ex-Husband

Spousal Support

Wife Seeks To Walk Back A Divorce She Wasn’t Aware Of

What Right Does A Parent Have To The Legal Files Between A Child And A Lawyer?

Canadian Court Deems Three Adult Members in Polyamorous Family to be a Child’s Parents


Chinese Couples Seeking a Split Must First Take “Divorce Test”

Procedural irregularities

Determining Interim Spousal Support

Two Parents, Three Children, And An Ocean Apart: Determining Jurisdiction

Ex-Wife in Midst of Contentious Divorce Takes Picasso Painting and Replaces it with a Fake


Ontario Court Discusses a Father’s Request for Cell Phone Records of his Ex-Wife and Daughter

Cell phone records

Woman Wins One of the Largest Spousal Support Awards in Quebec’s History


Man on Trial for Sexually Assaulting His Arranged Marriage Wife


Judge Denies Man’s Request for Paternity Test on the Basis that It is Not in the Child’s Best Interests


Section 7 Expenses: Father Agrees to Pay for Son’s Karate but not MMA

Section 7 expenses

Ontario Court Decides that Grandparents Don’t Owe Child Support


Canadian Bar Association Proposes Amendments to the Divorce Act

Divorce Act

Court Dismisses Application of Man Who Sought Divorce Because of Wife’s “Inability to Cook Tasty Food”


Canadian Arts-World Marriage Ends in Divorce After Highly Public Two Year Legal Battle


Russian Billionaire’s Third Marriage May End in Most Expensive Divorce in History

Third marriage

Bitcoin and Division of Assets in Divorce


Chatham Woman Sues Former Common Law Partner for Half of Lottery Win


Your Credit Score After Divorce

Credit scores

Judge Warns Couple Who Has Spent 1/3 of Their Assets on Pre-Trial Divorce Hearings: You Are Headed for Catastrophe


What Happens to Health Benefits After a Divorce?

Health benefits

“Sharenting”: Oversharing Information About Your Child Online


Same-Sex Parents Married in Canada Sue U.S Government After Denial of Their Child’s Citizenship

Same-sex parents

Vexatious Litigants in Family Law Disputes

Vexatious litigant

Ontario Court Rules on a Predatory Marriage Finding that Brain Injured Man Did Not Have Mental Capacity to Marry


Avoiding Text Wars: Communicating with Your Ex


Couple Who Married in Private Ceremony Were Not Spouses for Purposes of Property Division

Property division

Judge Awards $1.3 Million to Wife After Finding Husband’s Hidden Assets and Forged Documents

Vexatious litigant

Ontario Grandparents Sued by Mother Seeking Child Support


Disputes Over the Matrimonial Home Where Parties are Joint Tenants

Joint tenants

Imputing Income Based on Lifestyle: Ferrari’s, and Cadillacs and Luxury Vacations, Oh My!

Third marriage

Federal Child Support Guidelines Have Been Updated


Should RRSP’s be Included in Calculating Income for the Purposes of Child Support?


Supreme Court to Hear Appeal That May Impact International Child Custody Cases

International child custody

Is Child Support Payable Where an Adult Child Seeks a PhD?


Family Responsibility Office Ordered to Pay $7,500 After “Aggressive Enforcement Action” Against Ontario Father

Family responsibility office

Can a Wife Bring up a Husband’s Sex Addiction in Divorce Proceedings?

Sex addiction

U.K Court Finds That Yelling at Spouse Constitutes Domestic Violence

Vexatious litigant

Do I Have to Pay Spousal Support If I am Appealing?

Family responsiblity of

Master Criticizes Former Couple’s “Extreme” Strategies in Family Court

Property division

Men’s Support Centre Opens, Offering Support During Crisis

Men's Support

Father Owes More Than $500K In Retroactive Child Support

Family responsibility office

Parents Who Regularly “Pranked” Their Kids Online Sentenced to Probation for Child Neglect


Is There a Legal Solution to Parents Posting Embarrassing Pictures of their Kids Online?


Heterosexual Couple Challenges England’s Civil Partnership Laws

Civil partnership

Incoming Governor General Julie Payette Stops Efforts to Seal Divorce Records

Divorce records

Serving Your Former Spouse Through Facebook


Paternity and Family Law in Ontario


Man May Have to Pay $65,000 in Child Support for Child That Is Not His

Child support

Two Bountiful, B.C. Men Guilty of Polygamy


Two Sets of Grandparents Battle Over Custody of Grandkids


Restraining Orders and Access Restriction for Difficult Parents

Restraining orders

Emergency Support Motions: “Don’t Wait Almost a Year and Then Suddenly Call It an Emergency”

Emergency support motion

Temporary Custody Orders Where Office of the Children’s Lawyer is Involved

Office of the children's lawyer

Court of Appeal Speaks to the Issue of Asset Disclosure and Marriage Contracts

Asset Disclosure

Accurately Disclosing All Financial Assets Before Entering into a Marriage Contract Is Essential

Vexatious litigant

Father’s Day is coming up: tips for separated parents


Court Finds Father Pursuing Career as Musician is Intentionally Underemployed

Intentionally underemployed

Ontario Judge Points Out Flaws in Multi-Jurisdictional Family Law

Family law

Should Breastfeeding Affect Access to a Child?

baby bottle on a high chair representing an alternative to breastfeeding

British Columbia Supreme Court Addresses Child Abduction Between Countries

Canadian border bridge

Ontario Court: Revenge Porn Case to Be Heard Again

Revenge porn

Accused Polygamists Plead Not Guilty in Case That is Testing Canadian Polygamy Laws


Self-Represented Wife Requests $18,000 in Legal Costs, Is Awarded $30,000


High Profile McCain Annulment Should Not Be Delayed on Account of Applicant’s Busy Schedule

Spousal Support

Court Orders Return of Child to Mother After Abduction by Father


Judge Speaks Out Against Abuse of Legal Aid in Family Law Disputes

Vexatious litigant

Child Support, Spousal Support, and Foreign Divorce

Foreign divorce

Travelling Outside of Canada With Minor Children: Travel Consent Letters

Travel consent letters

Gifts from Family Can Increase Your Support Obligations following Separation


Two Platonic Friends Win Right to be Legal Co-Mothers to 7-year Old Boy


Canadian Heiress Ordered to Pay Portion of Ex-Husband’s Legal Costs in Prolonged Court Battle


Imputing Income for Spousal Support Purposes

imputing income

Adding Parties to Child Protection Cases

Child protection

Maintaining the Status Quo in Divorce

Status quo

Is child support payable for the time during which a payor parent has a block of access time with the child?

Child support

Living Separate and Apart Under the Same Roof

Separate and apart

Challenging a Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Pre-nuptial agreement

Grandparents Have Some Rights to Grandkids under New Ontario Law


Court of Appeal Reverses Decision on Habitual Residence of Children, Orders Their Return to Germany

Habitual residence

Ontario Government Announces Parental Equality Law

Office of the children's lawyer

Appointing a Parenting Coordinator: An Option in High Conflict Divorces

Human rights complaint

Spousal Support in a Short-Term, High Net Worth Marriage

imputing income

The “Family Bridges Program” and Dealing with Parental Alienation

parental alienation

Resulting Trusts in Family Law

resulting trust

Unequal Division of Family Property: Part II

unequal division of family property

Unequal Division of Family Property

imputing income

Non-Parties and Equalization of the Matrimonial Home

matrimonial home

Tuition, Extracurricular Activities and other Section 7 Child Support Expenses

section 7 expenses

Including a “No-Cheating” Clause in Your Prenuptial Agreement


“If only he’d been nice to Fluffy”: Judge in custody dispute between unmarried parents

baby hand

Judge in Custody Dispute: Parents Have “Squandered” Child’s Future

father daughter sunset

Is “Sexting” Considered Adultery for Divorce Purposes?


How Not to Handle a Divorce

court order

Recognition of Foreign Divorce

foreign divorce

Husband Required to Show “Scrupulous Care” for Wife’s Interests

scrupulous care

Changing Your Last Name after Marriage or Divorce

last name

The Habitual Residence of a Child

parental alienation

Judge Appoints Amicus Counsel for Feuding Parents

court order

Placing Children at the Centre of Child Welfare

child welfare

Parental Alienation Hurts Children

parental alienation

Renew Funding for Supporting Families Initiative

Human rights complaint

What is a Prenup and Why Do You Need One?

When Does Child Support End?

Divorce Location: Does it Matter Where I Get a Divorce?


What is an Annulment?


Cost Consequences in Family Law Cases

imputing income

Why You Should Think About Mother’s Day Now

Parental rights

Will Divorce Apps Increase Access to Justice?


Ontario Family Legal Services Reform

Status quo

Beware of Online Dating Scams

New Bill Seeks Parental Recognition Equality

A Victory for First Nations Children

Parental equality

3 Ways to Cope with Divorce in Your 20s

Dowry & Divorce

Crown Wardship & Access

section 7 expenses

New Year, New Relationship?

Divorce Orders and Death

Divorced with Kids: How to Survive the Holidays

Why Do You Need a Cohabitation Agreement?


Equalization Payments & The Matrimonial Home

Joint tenants

Is Marriage Becoming Obsolete?

Best Interests of the Child

matrimonial home

What is Retroactive Child Support?

What Is Child Support?

3 Ways to Take Control of Your Divorce

Extracurricular Activities for Kids: Are They a Necessity?

Who Can Be Considered A Spouse?

unequal division of family property

What Is Custody?

The Rise of Grey Divorce

Does a Settlement Agreement Need to Strictly Comply With the Law?

Talking About Your Divorce Online & Offline

A browser window showing the facebook login page

Class Action Lawsuit Calls for End of Child Support Claw-Back

Negotiating Your Divorce Settlement: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself  

Termination of Child & Spousal Support and Overpayment

What Happens When One Spouse Holds Title to the Family Home?

resulting trust

Ensuring Your Child Complies With An Access Order

Court Intervenes Early to Prevent Parental Alienation

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Draft Your Own Separation Agreement

Minor Does Not Require Litigation Guardian to Apply for Child Support

Office of the children's lawyer

Property Division in Divorce: 10 Essential Questions

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Office of the children's lawyer

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Husband and wife sit across from one another

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