Why You Should Think About Mother’s Day Now


I know that it is only March.  But spring will be here soon and next week, we have to set our clocks one hour faster.

Which is my introduction to Mother’s Day and why you should think about it now.

I want to share with you a lesson that a client once taught me.  Early one Saturday morning, I was shopping at our local farmer’s market.  I ran into a gentleman that I was representing.  At the time, his divorce was working its way through the system.  He earned a nice income, which meat that he had to pay not insignificant child and spousal support.  It didn’t help that in his heart, he did not believe that his wife was making a valiant effort to find work, which was hard for us to prove.  So while the case was not marred with high conflict, it had its challenges.

Anyway, I noticed that he was holding a nice bouquet of flowers.  Multi-coloured, fresh and quite nice for the time of year.

I asked who he was buying the flowers for.  He looked at me with a bright smile.  He said, “These are the flowers that I am buying for our daughter.  She is going to give them to her mother for Mother’s Day.”

I have thought about that brief encounter over the years. His divorce was not “amicable”.  But he knew how much it meant to his daughter to give a gift to her mom.  And he refused to deprive his daughter of that experience.

So my wish this year is that all fathers take an opportunity to allow their children to truly participate in, and celebrate, Mother’s Day, even though the divorce may be in some troubled waters.

I will have some thoughts about Father’s Day, but c’mon, that’s not until June.

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