Our Approach

Our Approach to Divorce and Family Law

Too often, people going through separation and divorce do not receive the strong legal support and guidance they are seeking. At Johnson Miller Family Lawyers, we understand that by hiring a lawyer, you expect to receive reliable, well-informed recommendations regarding how to proceed toward the most favourable outcome for your unique situation.

Whether you have just recently decided to separate or you are involved in a heated dispute over parenting arrangements or complex property division, our team can step in and provide you with solid legal advice based on many years of experience.

Individualized Attention

At Johnson Miller Family Lawyers in Windsor, we take the time to listen to all of our clients’ concerns, answer their questions and provide them with sound insight into family law in Ontario. Our focus on individualized attention means that we will help you consider all of your various options and provide you with our best recommendations. We view separation and divorce holistically, addressing all collateral issues that may lead to future legal problems. For example, we may examine your retirement plan, your Will or your child custody arrangement and recommend modifications to protect your interests.

Sound Recommendations Based on Experience

With more than 25 years of experience in family law, there are very few problems in which the lawyers at Johnson Miller Family Lawyers have not previously been involved. Our firm takes a calm, rational approach to separation and divorce, and we help our clients do the same. We understand when some matters may require urgency and when others may need a steady, methodical approach.

For Seasoned Advice and Skilled Representation in All Family Law Matters,  Contact Johnson Miller Family Lawyers in Windsor-Essex County

To learn more about our approach to family and divorce law at Johnson Miller Family Lawyers and to discuss your legal needs with one of our talented family lawyers, call 519.973.1500, or contact us online. We serve clients in Windsor-Essex County and throughout the surrounding areas.

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