Post Separation Agreements

Windsor-Essex Lawyers Advising on Post-Separation Agreements

Even during the course of a separation, circumstances can change dramatically. A spouse may get a big promotion or get injured in an accident. These types of changes can have an impact on your separation agreement, and it is important to work with a lawyer who can help you resolve any legal issues that may arise.

At Johnson Miller Family Lawyers in Windsor, our family lawyers provide knowledgeable advice and skilled representation to separated spouses and families in Ontario. With more than 25 years of experience helping clients with all types of family issues, from divorce to decision-making responsibility, we can help guide you through the process of amending the terms of your separation agreement and resolving related issues.

Dealing With Significant Changes During Separation

Our lawyers can help you resolve disputes and issues during your separation, including:

  • The death of a spouse: If you have lost a spouse during separation, you may be wondering how your spousal support will be paid or who will provide for the children. We will represent you and protect your interests in estate litigation and other legal actions.
  • Changes in income: When a spouse loses his or her job or sees a significant increase in income, it may be possible to amend the separation agreement.
  • Illness or injury: An injured or sick spouse may be unable to have decision-making responsibility for the children or earn the income to pay support. If your spouse becomes incapacitated or suffers a serious injury, we can help you change your separation arrangement to reflect the new circumstances.
  • Changes to the status of the child: When a child reaches the age of majority and no longer needs financial support from his or her parents, it may be possible to stop child support payments.
  • Undisclosed assets: If your spouse was less than honest during your settlement, we can help you amend your agreement to take into account any previously undisclosed assets.

At our firm, we assist clients with changes to custody and support issues during separation and divorce.

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