Pension Division

Pension Division During Separation & Divorce

Dividing Private and Public Sector Pensions in Ontario

At Johnson Miller Family Lawyers, we are experienced in handling all aspects of property division during separation and divorce, including the division of private and public sector pensions. Whether you are the pension holder or you have worked in the home without compensation for many years, our team of legal professionals are prepared to assist you.

No two separations are handled exactly alike at Johnson Miller Family Lawyers. We understand that every family’s financial situation and retirement plans are different. Dividing pension funds and retirement accounts is handled on an individual basis, with careful attention paid to each of our clients’ unique needs and goals.

Safeguarding Your Retirement Plans

When representing a pension holder (payor) during separation, we make every effort to ensure that our client can still afford to retire on schedule following the divorce. Conversely, when our client has been a stay-at-home parent or worked in the home for many years, she or he also must have the support needed to survive and eventually to retire.

At Johnson Miller Family Lawyers, we regularly work with actuaries and other financial professionals, as needed, in order to gain a clear financial picture of our clients’ current and future financial needs.

We have an in-depth understanding of Canada’s federal pension system and Ontario’s provincial pension system, as well as the laws that govern them and how to legally satisfy the division of a pension. If you or your spouse is or was in the Canadian Armed Forces or a federal employee, the pension will be divided much differently than if the pension came from a teacher or a business executive.

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