Child Support & Decision-Making Responsibility (Child Custody)

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Alleviating Your Concerns and Fears Over Decision-Making Responsibilities (formerly referred to as Child Custody)

Separation and divorce can present many fears and concerns regarding decision-making responsibility (formerly referred to as child custody) and parenting time (formerly referred to as access). Many clients approach our firm terrified that they will lose custody of their children. At Johnson Miller Family Lawyers, we put these fears to rest and provide our clients with peace of mind regarding their rights to custody and access. According to Ontario and Canadian laws, children should maintain constant, healthy contact with both parents. If you already have a strong, consistent relationship with your kids, you have nothing to worry about.

Creating parenting arrangements on your own can be challenging. It can also present future problems, as informal agreements between parents may not be binding. For assistance creating an age-appropriate parenting plan, including residency arrangements, tailored to the unique needs of your children and your family, contact our skilled legal team.

You might be interested in joint custody. However, it is important to understand what joint custody is and determine if you have a good case for it before you apply to the court.

Knowledgeable Child Support Lawyers

In Ontario, child support is determined based on a formula and is payable along with additional expenses that are not covered by the formula, such as the cost of daycare, post-secondary education and medical expenses. Our clients often come to us with questions such as: Who will pay child support and for how long? These inquiries must be addressed on an individual basis, as the laws are not completely clear in every situation.

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