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How did it come to this?

The challenges of marriage and family can sometimes lead down unexpected paths. Just as no one ever expects to be in a tragic accident, no one expects to find themselves in need of a family lawyer. No one expects to find themselves contemplating divorce, or having to fight for the custody of their children, but unfortunately, it does happen. If and when it happens, it helps to know where to turn.

For over a quarter-century, the team at Howie Johnson Barristers & Solicitors has been compassionately and skillfully guiding husbands and wives through the stress and strain of separation, divorce, child support and decision-making responsibility (custody). With so many years dedicated exclusively to the practice of family law, the firm has extensive experience and expertise in all areas of separation, divorce and related matters.  Jason P. Howie, the firm’s founding partner,  is certified as a Specialist in Family Law by the Law Society of Ontario and his experience and success practicing family law has earned him respect and distinction in the legal communities of Windsor and Essex County. Jason has seen enough to know that each case must be treated differently and that no single solution will work in every situation or negotiation. Jason will customize an approach to meet your specific needs.

Passion and Wisdom

The family lawyers at Howie Johnson Barristers & Solicitors love their jobs. They are passionate about the law and passionate about serving the best interests of the people in their community.  It’s why they do what they do, and why they have worked so hard for so long, cementing a reputation in the Windsor community for unparalleled service.  The lawyers’ passion makes them tenacious advocates for their clients, and their experience enables them to think strategically. They know when it’s best to attack, when it’s best to defend, when it’s best to stand and fight, and when it’s best to talk. They ensure that the right strategy is used to reach the best outcome given the facts and details of your specific case.

What Howie Johnson Barristers & Solicitors offers is simple: A custom strategy tailored to your specific needs and a promise that they will always tell you the truth rather than what you want to hear. Any lawyer can make promises. A smart and experienced lawyer will give you a realistic expectation of what you’ll face along the way.

Howie Johnson Barristers & Solicitors will be with you at every step. They will help you in navigating through a complex, confusing, and often emotionally difficult process to see you through to the best possible outcome.

Care and Dedication

When the need for a family law lawyer arises, it’s often a deeply personal and emotional set of circumstances. Many simply don’t feel comfortable dealing with a large, high-volume firm that treats you like a number. Howie Johnson Barristers & Solicitors offer personal, customized services. You won’t be dealing with a large, faceless organization. You’ll be working with a small firm dedicated to working with you directly, and putting your needs ahead of all others. You will be working with someone who will give your case the attention it deserves, and who is willing to put in long hours to ensure every care is taken to protect your concerns.

Contact Our Windsor Family Law Lawyers

For questions that only a family lawyer can answer, contact Howie Johnson Barristers & Solicitors at 519.973.1500 or contact us online. Howie Johnson Barristers & Solicitors has been a fixture of the family law community of Windsor and Essex County for over 25 years, and so understandably, many prospective clients come to the firm through referrals from current or past clients, and also through referrals from lawyers, accountants, medical professionals and marriage counsellors.

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